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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tearing A New One

I wasn't sure I'd gotten a good bond from the fin tab to the motor mount on this rocket, and I kept puzzling over how to make sure the fillets at the body tube surface weren't the whole bond.

So I carved out most of the after centering ring, which gives me access to the fin/motor tub joints and cuts a bit of weight. And cuts it where it can't help but move the CG forward.

Only wore out four Dremel heads getting there. Could have cut the centering ring this way before assembly a lot easier. Live and learn.


I was reheating some stuffing & mashed potatoes, but I also made some Thanksgiving leftovers from scratch. I had the stuff to make the green bean casserole (I'll leave you to find a can of French's onions if you don't already have the recipe), and hadn't had any yet this weekend.

Also grilled some chops.

But it struck me, what a perverse way to plan a meal: I'm going to make this to get rid of some leftovers, but I'm going to make a heap of chops and green bean casserole so I have leftovers to take for lunch...

Shrimp Pasta & Bleu Slaw

I bought a pound of peeled & cooked frozen shrimp about an age ago. I know it was on sale, but I can't remember for how much. Threw it in the freezer and kept putting off using it. On special or not, shrimps is expensive, so I was sort of saving it for some unnamed event.

The event turned out to be I noticed the shrimp were threatening to get freezer burned.

I sauteed them up with a bit of garlic and tossed them with rigatoni. I had some Alfredo sauce and some Scimeca's Marinara leftover from pizza the other day, not enough of either to cover the whole pound of pasta. So we did a half-and-half routine.

I also made a slaw with some green cabbage, red onion, bleu cheese dressing and black olives. Went pretty well with the pasta.

Full Nelson

We finally got our rematch with the Nelson-Atkins. We tried to go a few months back, with the same pair of Em's BFF's in tow, but got there at closing time and had to console ourselves with the lawn for the most part.

This time, it was pissy November weather out, so it was a good thing we got there while the museum proper was still open.

And in case I had any delusions of originality, I saw two families I'd just seen at Kaleidoscope making their way through the Nelson while we did.

Em's friends, the younger one in particular, were scandalized by the nekkid marble.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mayhem & Kaleidoscope

If there's a Great Depression II in full swing, it sure wasn't evident at Crown Center on Saturday. It was a freakin' madhouse. Took Mo and Em and two of Em's BFFs to Kaleidoscope and witnessed a terrifying display of consumer confidence. I guess technically they all could have been window shopping or buying a third of what they would have last year or something, but somehow I'm doubting it.

As Hagbard Celine counsels, keep your Federal Reserve Notes, the state will rise again.