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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Relay For Life

I walk in the Relay every year, but I hardly ever pester people for donations. I'm breaking with that this year, so if you know me, brace yourself for some pestering.

As far as donating to the American Cancer Society, if you have to ask why, we probably don't have much in common. As far as the 'why' of donating through my team, it's simple. I work for a very generous soul who matches what the company team raises dollar for dollar. So I set my goal for fundraising at $10,000, which is more than the TradeNet team raised for last year's relay.

Will I get that much? I doubt it, though I know one or two people who might have the means to make it happen. But by pestering, I'll at least do better than I do just donating a bit on my own...

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