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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Corporate Branding

Me, I blame the hippies first and foremost for the BP spill in the Gulf. I can back it up, chill out, but in the meantime I decided to offer my modest contribution to corporate branding.

For some perspective, there have been worse oil spills. This isn't the biggest in history. It's top ten, if any reasonable estimates are believed and it takes until August to drill the relief well (which is just as far below sea level, kids, so what happens if it's blowout preventer fails to prevent a blowout?).

Scary to think the Exxon Valdez, which it's been measured by, isn't even top ten. Top 40, but the Valdez would have had to drop all 53 million gallons of oil it carried to make it into the top ten.

Shame on BP for drilling so deep their worst case scenario is 'We don't know what to do.' Shame on other oil companies in Brazil, China, and so on who are drilling as deep or deeper.

But shame on the hippies for making it politically impossible to drill above ground in ANWAR, in shallow water on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts because the perfect has become the enemy of the good. There is no source of energy, wind, solar, oil, nuclear (nukular for you Texans), that lacks a serious downside. But ANWAR is above ground and over a thousand miles from a population that can support a Pizza Hut franchise. We know how to plug a blowout above ground. And if we didn't, nobody is fishing the North Pole commercially.

So the left has managed enough political clout to be truly dangerous, meaning we have to deal with the oil equivalent of Chernobyl because we decided we were too pussy to face up to a Three Mile Island. Three Mile Island, if you don't know, wasn't a disaster but a mere scare. A worst case scenario that killed nobody and collapsed no ecosystem. The only thing it wiped out was future construction of nuclear power plants, plants that could potentially power the electric cars hopey changey people seem to like so much.

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