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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lockton Training Ride from Porter Park: Be There!

I'm doing one of these two rides tomorrow evening. Care to join me? Awesome.

We'll depart from Porter Park at Tomahawk and Roe, rolling out at 6:00 p.m. One route is 29 miles, the other is 31 and has a bit more climbing near the end (Lee Blvd. undulates, and there's Belinder from Somerset to 75th).

Both rides end in glory: Roe from 79th down to Tomahawk is a great stretch of downhill topped only by Cherokee down from 75th to Mission, which wins because you have the right of way the whole way, just pin your ears back and go for it.

When we get to the moment of truth (where Lee pulls off Mission Road), we'll have to see what people feel like, legs-wise, and how we're doing on remaining daylight. I prefer the long route, but only if things go well and we have plenty of daylight and energy left when we get to the deciding point.

Jennichild sent out an email inviting the team to this, and I'm inviting everyone else, you don't have to be Team Lockton (though you should consider it), and you don't have to be signed up for Bike MS (why not sponsor me instead?), all riders are welcome.

If it's anything resembling a group, I'll do my best to make it a no-drop ride; if you want to peel off that's fine but we'll wait if you miss a light or have a flat.

Me as ride leader? I may be the tallest pygmy, but I'm still a pygmy: if someone shows up who's faster than me (not unlikely), we'll observe the convention that the default is go straight, if you come to where you want to turn, and you've lost sight of those behind you, that's the place you wait. My average speed on this route is likely to fall between 12 and 14 miles per hour.

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