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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Got together at Dad's for the occasion. My Bro's first Father's Day as a Father, also the first chance the girls have gotten to meet little Austin.

And what other way to celebrate, but to eat a large meal cooked with fire? Grilled veggies, medium rare ribeye steak, baked potato with butter & sour cream, a large salad, a cider and two excellent beers and...I still didn't have any better sense than to have pie on top of all that.

For my body to process such a meal, I think I need to go hibernate and then ride my bicycle to Mount Rushmore or something.

I thought it was cute how Austin looked like he was concentrating on staying asleep, furrowing his brow as if to shut his eyes all the tighter. I think it was in response to all the conversations going at once, his little way of saying, 'Do ya mind? Trying to sleep here.'

Em got to hold Austin, and I got to add a few gray hairs to my goatee realizing that this is approximately what it'll look like when she makes a grandfather out of me. Someday. In the far distant future. Very far, very distant.

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