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Thursday, June 17, 2010

North? South? How About Both?

The Lockton team's route from two weeks ago was one I instantly fell in love with. Great mix of hills and flat, long-ish (20 miles), with fewer than average stops for suburban Johnson County. Some long side streets that are virtually free of traffic but super wide and that connect in meaningful ways.

Those are precious discoveries, because they look just like a hundred other streets that end in cul-de-sacs or spit you out on streets that might as well be the Interstate for their cycle-friendliness.

Last week's 'north' route was great, too, but short. Not knowing which would be on offer this week, I almost bailed and went to the Blue Moose, though really that probably means a flat-out solo ride since I think Roj's bike is still tore up. I don't mind riding solo, but having company is better.

So I parked down the hill we started the north route on and campaigned for the south route. I had an agenda: do both. If I didn't feel like it after doing the south, it was a fast glide downhill on Roe from 79th to Tomahawk and I would be at my car.

Thanks to Dr. Jill, my legs were back to 100%, so when I got back to my car, I kept on cranking. I didn't exactly do the north route from last week, my CamelBak went dry, and after trying to figure a route that would take me by a convenience store, I realized I wasn't carrying any money. I must have been getting tired, because if I'd thought about it I'd have realized they wouldn't charge me to put water in my reservoir, and water is, after all, what was called for.

So I only did 29.3 miles, averaged 12.6 mph (not killing it, but the distance made up for it, my thighs are a bit sore), top speed 31.2 mph. Brings me past 190 miles so far in June, and barely half way through the month.

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