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Monday, June 14, 2010

Za Garden of Earthly Delights

I was going to make this last night, but after cycling I was pretty tired. Then, right after I lit the grill to cook the meat, the skies opened up in a Biblical way and my Weber was dowsed.

So, after forgoing tonight's Trek ride for fear of weather and in deference to a tender right hamstring, I lit the grill tonight.

And harvested some basil from Tomatosaurus Rex, and got out the scapes and sage that Julie sent me away with yesterday.

Oh, and did you know you can use your shot glasses to grow roots on tomato cuttings?

Grilled some hot Italian sausage links and some chicken breasts, then proceeded to make two of the awesomeest pies I've ever turned out (in a kitchen that has seen it's share of high grade hand tossed circular comestibles).

I used Alfredo sauce (Bertoli this time), and mozzarella cheese, topping it off with slices of green bell pepper and a vine ripened tomato I bought from Voigt's, the local greenhouse operation.

I tore the basil and sage, chopped the lower parts of the scapes up. I saved the scapes (they're approximately the flavor of roasted garlic) for the chicken pizza, figuring the seasoning of the sausage might hide them. I also used slightly more of the sage and basil on the chicken pizza, though both had huge herbal flavors because with fresh stuff like this, a little goes a long ways.

I skipped the presentation pictures because the greens I'd have adorned the plate with were consumed last night (I wasn't so tired I couldn't eat a metric ton of fresh lettuce and arugula. Though I'll bet you some of that arugula would have been spectacular on these pies).

So we have Grilled Italian Sausage with Garden Veggies & Herbs on the one hand, and on the other, we have Grilled Chicken with Garden Veggies, Herbs & Scapes. Scapes are an herb, too, I know, but they're so novel they need their own byline.

I limited myself to three slices, so just an ordinary bike ride tomorrow should put the caloric budget almost back to balance. Almost.

That's assuming my hamstring cooperates, anyway.

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