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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grilled Boogas & 'Ketchup' Chips

I grilled cheeseburgers for me and the honyocks Wednesday evening. Just seemed like the thing to do.

As an experiment, I bought a pound of ground pork along with the ground beef and made two hamburgers that are actually (sort of) made of 'ham.' Just curious. They don't label ground pork with the ration of lean to fat the way they do ground beef, but judging by feel and taste, this is probably a sign that the fat ratio is way higher with ground pork (which is also way cheaper).

It's a great flavor coming off the grill, but no matter how much of that fat drips onto the coals, I'll bet more remains, too. Em loved it, and honestly I did too, but it's probably not the best move health-wise. I wonder about mixing lean ground beef and ground pork, if maybe you could strike a balance with some 97/3 beef where most of the fat is pork fat, but the total fat is still more in the 85/15 to 90/10 neighborhood.

And on a lark, I decided to try these supposedly 'ketchup-flavored' potato chips. Mo wanted them, then refused to even try one. They don't taste bad, but they don't really taste like ketchup either. More like barbecue potato chips with something missing. The something being a bit of heat.

The bad news is I'm the only one in the house that will eat them at all. The good news is, since I don't like them, I didn't just inhale the whole bag. That's why I don't normally even buy potato chips: I find them easy to resist at the retail level, but once I own the bag, no matter how big that bag is, it's consumed in one go.

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