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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tale of Two Micro Toms (Should I Worry?)

Tending to the garden tonight, I found some more Septoria. After judicious trimming, I hit the garden again with Ortho's anti-fungal. It feels counter-intuitive to water a garden that is diseased because it's too wet, but that's how this stuff gets delivered.

I found a puzzle, too: my two Micro Toms, in pots less than a foot apart are looking totally different. One has several small fruits and abundant foliage. The other is down to one fruit and much of its foliage seems to be either eaten way or shriveled up.

I also notice that at the rate the soil level is going down in these really well drained pots, I'll erode them to nothing before I get any ripe fruit. Maybe time to transplant these before it's too late?

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Anonymous said...

You might need to get that SRM film ON the soil I think. Looking at the size of your plants, they look much smaller than mine now and it may be because the soil is too cool. Having the film that high is preventing heat transfer to the soil...the heat is likely bouncing up and not being absorbed through that layer of air you have. This may not be the problem, but it's what I think may be causing the small plant size.

As for re-potting the Micro Tom...might not be a bad idea. It could be Cucumber Mosaic Virus or maybe Curly Top...likely if you have aphids on that plant. Another possibility is herbicide damage. If any of your neighbors has sprayed any weed killer, you could have gotten some drift on that can drift from a long way a away and tomato plants are very sensitive to 24d especially