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Monday, June 28, 2010

Recovery Ride: Tour of Flags

Merriam and Shawnee are all decked out for Independence Day. It's cool, seeing all the flags, though they're at head level so when it comes to doing a scan for traffic before, say, hopping on Johnson Drive, they're a bit of a hazard to navigation.

I wonder how much of the feeling I got seeing the is actual patriotic sentiment and how much is just the visual impact of those bold colors repeated like that, waving in the wind. I bet if they were Mexican flags or Irish flags or whatever, the effect would still be impressive.

Though I'd have to wonder in those cases when Merriam got so hard core about St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo.

It wouldn't really work with the black flag of anarchy, you'd need some color to get this happening.

And just when we all thought Roj's Speed Racer act couldn't get weirder: now, not only does his 1979 Mongoose BMX have shifters (a six speed), he has aero-discs on his rear wheel.

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