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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Great Ride, Faster Than Average, Too

Left from 79th & Roe, a group of Team Lockton and others.

We ended up doing 20.3 miles at a 13.5 mph average. Beautiful route, I'd post it on my my ride except I wasn't paying enough attention to street names to make it stick.

As we passed through one neighborhood of upscale homes, three boys I'd guess to be on the precipice of their teens were standing around their bicycles. I said, 'Race ya' as I passed.

I wasn't serious, I'm not that fast. But one of the kids got on his bike and made an honest effort, and indeed he passed a lot of us. Well, then Curtis got the scent. I've seen Curtis whip a moped in a race, he's not only scary fast, he's hyper-competitive. He will tear a tendon clean in half before he allows someone to get past him when he's been challenged. My brother is the only rider I've ever seen pass him, and I'll bet you Curtis would have dug deeper if he'd had any idea someone in his league was on that ride.

Curtis is also, at 47, often the oldest rider on these rides, I'm pretty sure he was our elder statesman on this ride. So as I rode past the kid, after he'd given up trying to keep up, I taunted him, 'Ha! You got smoked by an old man!' Jewya tells me the kid said, 'Yeah, yo-mother' in response to this but I didn't hear it because I was laughing too hard.

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