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Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm Still Bent, Though

I love recumbent bikes, and the dream this past year has mainly been something like a Cruzbike Silvio.

But lately, as I've picked up a modest amount of speed, I've started thinking about that hole paceline thing. I'm a long ways from that level of athleticism, but one thing that doesn't work with that whole theory is one cyclist who's at a different altitude and configuration than the rest of the group.

And as far as forming a paceline of other Silvios? Dream on.

So anyway, when Dr. Jill made a comment along the lines of 'imagine how fast you'd be on, say, a Madone,' I started to think, for the first time ever, about a high end conventional road/racing bike. And that led me to this.

It's a Trek Madone customized to my specifications, and it's only around seven grand. Chump change, I'll be ordering one in a day or two. Right about the time I win the lottery and can devote a few months to cycling around the country on a tour of great amusement parks on a quest for the ultimate roller coaster.

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