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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Local Color

I read about this chick in the Kansas City Scar Tuesday, and I'm bowled over. Really, how cool is this?

Mary Pinizzotto videos herself (well, her hubby holds the camera), dancing every day, often in public. When she's not frightening the natives, she's getting them into the act. I don't dance, really, but watching these videos makes me want to take it up.

Freebox Everyday Dance - Day 26 - I'm too Sexy! from Mary Pinizzotto on Vimeo.

She's closing in on 200 videos, by the way, out of 365 that will make a year's project of The Freebox.

I've embedded a couple of samples from her blog here, in hopes it'll hook you into checking out Caveat Emptor: it's a time vampire once you get hooked on watching these clips.

1 comment:

Mary Pinizzotto said...

Hi M.W. LobSter,

I just found this post...better late than never. Thanks for your kind words. I'm organizing a group dance event to make a video for National Dance Day - July 31. I hope to get a whole bunch of fun people out. I'd love to invite you and your readers to come out!