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Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Fruit

My diseased Micro Toms are still looking diseased, but they also still have some fruit on them. And one of them was ripe, so I picked it and ate it. It was awesome, I can't wait for these other guests in my raised beds to start earning their keep.

After the rain seemed to wane, I went out and retied plants, pruned low hanging branches and stuff that looked diseased or pest-eaten. The broken off Aussie still hasn't sent up new foliage, so I doubt it's going to grow up and go to college.

While I was out there, I noticed my lilies were doing really well. I love these flowers, they've been there since before I moved into this house, and they are the best feature of what I'd laughingly refer to as my landscaping despite the fact that I've never given them anything but neglect.

These suckers are nearly as tall as me.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Rod!! If you can get a ripe fruit off of those sickly looking micro toms, you'll have bushel baskets full of fruit from your beds!