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Monday, May 31, 2010

Onion Station

Took the girls to Science City. I know Union Station is always strapped for cash, being a building suited only to a wrecking ball after the advent of air travel. Don't shoot the messenger, I think it's a grand old building, but it's a grand old building that is about as commercially viable as free jazz and other things I'm quite fond of.

Why not sell the right to name it? Ball parks do it all the time, so why not get the Onion News Network (the only news source I trust) to sponsor it as Onion Station. It's genius because not only would it provide a revenue stream (and presumably some free Sasquatch beef jerky) to the institution, it would only require changing one letter in the stationery, signage and so on.

We saw Jennichild's kid selling Segway tours on our way in. I thought, originally, that I was seeing him get ready to rent one and I was going to speedbag him a bit about it. Then I caught on that he was working there.

Anyway, Science City was a blast as usual. These musical things we found near the entrance, I don't know if they're new or if we just walked past the the couple times we've been there before. But so much fun.

Actually, we found several nooks and crannies we'd missed on previous visits, wonder what else we haven't sussed out of this joint.

And the crazy part is, we had the place to ourselves. There were fewer people than any other time we've been there, and I can't figure that out. Nobody was working today, I'd have thought Science City would be packed the rafters with pint-sized horsemen of the apocalypse. I know, the warm weather, people want to be outdoors, but still.

We came home and I did the most original, creative thing ever for Memorial Day. I grilled cheeseburgers. That's right up there with taking flowers to a grave for bold concepts, but what can I say?

I didn't take flowers to any graves, and I thought about it and realized I wouldn't really want people bringing flowers to my grave when I'm gone because I don't really plan to have a grave. A blog is, I suppose, 'in writing,' so let me make my wishes known yet again (I've said so to people that matter, and to people who don't, and I probably should get a lawyer to draw it up to be on the safe side but here goes): Don't bury me. My A-plan is donate my body to science. If someone can use my organs, go for it, and if there's not enough of me left for a medical school cadaver after that, donate what's left to a branch of research that doesn't require an intact corpse. In a nutshell, maximize the benefit to society and don't get sentimental or squeamish about it because I won't know the difference. Whatever's left, you can burn it up or eat it for all I care.

Ahem. Back to fun stuff with my kids, when we were in Science City, Mo, several times, just spontaneously said, 'Happy.' No preamble, no postscript, just 'Happy.'

She said this in an elevator with strangers and nothing else needed to be said.

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