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Friday, May 28, 2010


It'd been way, way too long since I'd made pizza. Monday and Tuesday's lunches at Original Pizza only made it worse.

Pizza is like sex: the more you have the more you want. A given topping or sauce might get overused, but that doesn't make you want less pizza, it makes you want to try some different combinations.

So anyway, this was a spontaneous pizza thing, not much foreplay. As in I didn't make the dough a day or two in advance and allow it to rise slowly in the fridge. Nope, I mixed it and formed it and let it rise for a half hour or so on a countertop in a kitchen that would have been in the upper 80s if I hadn't been heating the oven up to 550ºF (I've heard some home pies are made using the oven's self-cleaning setting, an extreme I haven't tried yet).

Made a black olive & prosciutto, a pepperoni and an anchovy.

No Alfredo sauce this time, I thought I had a jar but I thought wrong, so just some olive oil brushed on the crust ahead of the cheese.

When I told the old guy at Original that I loved watching him throw crusts because it was so effortless and the results were always so perfect he started to give me advice, saying if you get a wrinkle it'll never stretch out right, and then after searching for words he said, "You learn it by doing it." So I was overdue to make another shot at learning it that way. Managed not to tear any this time, though I did get the anchovy pie stuck to the peel and shook half the toppings off onto the stone where they proceeded to self-clean themselves into cinders.

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