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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More or Less the Brewery Ride

I got a late start due to going in to work a bit after class to catch a few things up. But work is right around the corner from the Brewery, and since they started at 6:30 and I have to start an hour ahead of time to have any chance of finishing before the second slowest rider is on his second beer back at the pub, there wasn't much point in moving my car prior to riding.

I rode from Almar, out 79th to Somerset, and as I rode along Somerset I realized that when me and Roger have been crashing the Brewery ride, we've been screwing it up a little. We've been going north to 71st and not cutting south until Lamar. But I remember climing 91st from Somerset to Lamar with Jill the first time I did the Brewery. I just can't remember when we cut south to hook up with Somerset.

So this sixteen miler probably comes closer to the actual route the Prairie Village Yacht Club guys do from the Brewery than I've been doing so far this year, albeit without actually getting quite to the 75th Street Brewery. Well, except it looks like they get to ride down Belinder to Somerset, which has to be more fun than climbing Belinder like the Blue Moose route involves...

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