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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daisy Rock Lobster

I'm experimenting with YouTube again. I've been using Vimeo for awhile, because YouTube used to make it impossible to render the video as wide as my blog columns (a mere 400 pixels). Vimeo allowed bigger files and display sizes, allowing me to save out at full resolution so if someone clicked full screen they'd get a better view. Not HD, mind you, but the best my camera can produce.

Then I found out YouTube was allowing bigger files, HD even, and individual files up to 2 GB.

But I don't know, I think the video quality on this looks pretty awful compared to what I get on Vimeo. The only thing that makes it a debate even with YouTube's too-aggressive compression,* YouTube is where the searchers are.

*I just noticed a note saying that the video was still being processed, and that the picture might not look so crappy once they're done. So maybe this is just an FPO. Vimeo doesn't release your video for view until it's processed.

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