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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I was so excited to go see the balloons again tonight.

We took a picnic (Sonic, actually) so we could enjoy our milkshakes while waiting for the balloons to air up and fly. Get there early to avoid traffic and get a good parking spot.

And I did, I got one right by the ball diamond we watched from part of Saturday, and we set up our canvas chairs and got our dinner on and watched as they aired up a couple of balloons.

The sky had clouded up but the winds were low. With all the Facebook (and other) publicity yesterday had gotten, I figured the turnout would be bigger than ever tonight.

But apparently people were watching the Weather Channel better than I was because a fast moving storm system caused them to scrub any chance of flights. They were still going to do the glow, but then lightning on the horizon told us the storm which was moving in from the West at 35 mph meant to prevent even that.

Better luck next year. There better be a next year, this is too cool an event to do just once.

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