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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Y'all Come!

Hey, I sent a Facebook message to those I thought might be interested, but anyone wants to come ride tomorrow is as welcome as free beer to do so.

We'll leave from my Dad's house at 1:00, it's about 23-1/2 miles, I'll probably manage about a 12.5-13.0 mph pace, which isn't anything you'd describe as fast. There are some hills to climb, but trust me, if I can get up them, you probably can too. On the sweet flip side of those climbs, there are some very fast descents, especially 55th west or Rosehill and Lackman from 67th to Blackfish (which almost doesn't count since there's a stoplight at the bottom and we're turning there anyway). But that hill on 55th, I've hit 43 mph on it, it's some kind of monster.

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