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Monday, November 02, 2009

Recovering in the Dark

The Trek Recovery ride has definitely dwindled in numbers: we had seven riders tonight for a 9.3 mile ride.

It was cool, but not quite too cool for bare legs and arms. Almost but not quite.

This is the first ride we've done that started out in full darkness, now that we're off Daylight Savings Time. It doesn't make much difference, the past few rides it's gotten dark by the time we got to 55th or so. We have lights, we're in a group, we ride streets that are mostly lit and (mostly) not that busy.

I realized as I whizzed down Caenen at 34 mph (that was my top speed on my cycling computer tonight, and I don't think it was Switzer going down to 70th that I topped out), leaning into the first right: I was leaning further than usual for me. I couldn't see the pavement. If I hit some sand or a slippery spot, I'd be a human crayon.

It's too tempting, though, the one area I can claim KOM is downhill. Even an alpha like Curtis has to stand on it to pass me on a good downhill when I'm hunkered. They can do it, but they have to pay for it at least.

I say this because after questioning my own judgment for riding too fast for the conditions, as I spotted a car up the hill, I turned to shout, 'Car up!' and was face to face with Curtis. I think he was drafting off me, passed me as we started to climb up from the bottom.

Anyway, it was great fun, and of course there was Dos Reales after.

Oh, and Maddie couldn't quit laughing at me with no hair. She's seen me bald plenty, but never completely nekkid of hair. Well, I have eyebrows, but this is what I look like playing it Mr. Clean. Why I have a goatee, at least, all the time: I have a completely spherical melon and a weak chin that makes me look like a fucking turtle otherwise.

It's just hair, it grows back.

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