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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Meet the New Church, Same as the Old Church

Not a bad thing, really. Heartland is one of maybe three churches I've ever set foot in that didn't immediately give me the willies.

After much ado, the Rhoades Furniture Store has become Heartland and the school-cum-synagogue-cum-Heartland is now some other church.

I was surprised at the auditorium. I know there's like 60,000 square feet of the new building that has been walled off for future use, but I thought the auditorium would be half again as big as what we left, and it felt more like maybe 10% bigger. Or maybe the same.

The kids areas were bigger, the parking is better, but the auditorium was squish-in full.

Something tells me that walled off area won't stay walled off for long.

The one knock I have, the common areas being left basically concrete (with a finish) are noisy. Hard to understand conversations or be heard.

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