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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Solo After All

I invited everyone to come ride with me, and nobody showed. I know it was short notice, but is it my breath? The loud shirts?

Anyway, it was short notice. 24.2 miles, did it at a 12.1 mph pace in just under two hours. Hit my favorite downhill, 55th west of Rosehill, did 43.2 mph down that hill, it's a freak show.

Took Lackman down from 67th to make sure, because I wasn't sure that hill on 55th was the fastest one I know, but yep, I only hit about 35 (I think, I don't stare at the bike 'puter when I'm descending that fast, and since I already had the 43.2 from 55th, it'd have to have been a higher max speed for me to be able to go back and check).

The weather was perfect: upper 50s, so I wasn't cold, but the air was cool enough to keep you from overheating on the climbs. And there are some climbs on this route. Besides the mayhem on 55th, there's mayhem on Pflumn, on 67th, and on Renner, especially as you get down south, it gets like the Mamba.

I had a crazy idea while I was out doing this. I don't have the girls this year for Thanksgiving, and my Mom's not planning on dinner until the evening, so I basically have the whole day free. Weather permitting, I might see if I can't pull off a Century on turkey day. Anyone wanna come along?

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