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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fargin Cold

Okay, the forecast I saw the other day had Thanksgiving slightly warmer. As in above 40ºF the whole day. I guess when the dog's outside water had a skin of ice on it, it should have clued me in that the forecast from a few days ago had to be revised down a few ticks.

One cycling friend says 32ºF is the threshold below which he doesn't ride, and here was my opportunity to find out what that threshold felt like. Another posted on Facebook the other day that she was quite toasty on a 35ºF ride.

So I layered up and put on my ear cover, full finger gloves, sweats over my riding shorts (since I don't have leg warmers yet), etc.

I'd toyed, earlier in the week, with doing a century today, but as I say, that was based on the assumption the weather would be more like it was when I rode to the River Market from Olathe the other day. Still, I figured I was good for 20 miles, at least.

Even with the gloves, my fingers were pretty freakin' cold. So were my toes, the well ventilated running shoes I ride in (I haven't yet gotten those clipless pedals/cleats) breathing just a little bit too well, but these things were doable.

It was my scalp that harpooned me. My helmet, a Trek Vapor, is essentially all vent. I didn't realize just how well ventilated it was until I was riding north into a 10 mph headwind at freezing temperatures. My friend who was toasty on the 35ºF ride has a long, thick hair on her scalp; I have razor stubble.

Maybe if I'd had riding mates to share the misery, I could have still had some fun, but as it is I threw it in after just 3.5 miles. Before I try this again, I'm gonna have to get some wind-blocking gloves and something to stretch over my melon. Or maybe one of those helmet covers I've seen, maybe that's what they're for.

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