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Friday, November 27, 2009


My friend Rachel is what you'd call a pomegranate booster. She loves the things, makes a point of eating at least one every day when they're in season.

I'm 40 years old and never ate a pomegranate in my life. I think the seeds may have been in a salad at a catered event one time, and I've had Orbit gum that was supposed to be 'Positively Pomegranate' but I'd never eaten the fruit.

Bought one a few weeks ago and it went soft before I got around to trying it. Bought a couple more today and didn't fart around, cut these puppys open and started digging out the seeds.

Em really loved getting the seeds out. So much so that she was ready to have me just start eating so she could play with the remaining fruit.

The seeds alone are good, but even better when mixed with plain yogurt. So I owe a big thanks to Rachel, it's a shame I made it halfway through a life expectancy without ever eating a pomegranate, and I think without her egging me on I might have made it all the way through ignorant of this earthly delight.

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