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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Here's To Global Warming

Since I started cycling in June, I've never made four rides in one week. I make the Trek Recovery ride on Mondays pretty faithfully, and weather permitting, I can usually get a weekend ride in conjunction with my honyocks visiting one of their grandparents for a few hours. If band practice is canceled, Thursday is opened up, and I've occasionally ridden on a Tuesday. But my calendar doesn't allow for much more.

This week, I've done four rides totaling 71.7 miles; if you go back to last Sunday, the eight days of November have encompassed 95 miles.

My Mom's pin oak is shedding its leaves, I think it must already believe in spring because those trees don't shed their leaves in the fall.

This is more or less the ride I made last week with a little extra leg thrown in, adding about a mile, and switching the approach and return routes to Mom's neighborhood. 24.3 miles, averaged 12.4. Tried to get Jennichild to go, but domestic responsibilities won out. Rode right by her house, realized I had last week, too, I just didn't know that was her house.

And maxed out at 37.2 on the awesome descent from Lowell to Foster on 54th Terrace. There are faster hills, 55th West of Rosehill, Lackman from 67th to Blackfish, but this is a thrill ride.

Pretty stiff southerly headwinds, a real flag-snapping day.

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