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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Indian Summer Ride

My friend who started me on this cycling thing has a rule about riding alone. And last week, when she found out I'd ridden a route that went within a football field or two of her front door while she rode on her static trainer in her living room, she said I should call her if I'm planning to ride.

So I did. I ride alone, but I always prefer some company, even a group.

And we had a great ride, 20.1 miles, averaged 13.1 mph (which is pretty fast for me). It's not super hilly, but there are some long climbs, the steepness not so much the issue as the length of time you just can't rest. Actually a couple of them really murdered me less than two months ago when I rode the Brewery Ride, but they didn't seem quite as brutal today.

I rode with a Camelbak, one Jennichild lent me. On the plus side, you don't have to stop to rehydrate. On the minus side, it deprives me of a chance to stop and gasp for breath, pretending it's about taking on liquids. I think the MS Society has one for me when I turn in my prize sheet thingy, one of the level 2 prizes is a Cambelbak.

I was ready to add a leg when we got to 71st & Mission, go north and get some of the beginning miles of the Blue Moose run, and I'm glad Jennichild talked me out of it. The batteries for my cycle lights were at home in their chargers, it would not have been good to be caught out in the dark. And the light did indeed fade with alarming speed starting right around the time we got back to her place.

Her son (he's a senior in high school) came home right after we got back, and I couldn't help it, I said, 'Hey, I just got hot and sweaty with your Mom. And my ass is sore.' I know, I'm a horrible human being.

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