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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Looking Up: Barley the Dog Faced Boy

Saturday I thought Barley was deaf, he wouldn't respond to my calling, wandered around the yard, couldn't climb the stairs.

He was eating, I could tell, because his food was disappearing.

Sunday, he seemed to be able to respond to sound again, but not to negotiate the stairs to the deck.

Last night, I called to him but he didn't come. I could hear leaves rustling and when I finally scavenged a flashlight, I discovered he was walking randomly about the yard, bumping into stuff. He seemed happy enough, but he also seemed blind.

I went down to him and he tried to nibble the flashlight. I think since I've been giving him his seizure meds with a big of peanut butter on a spoon, he assumed anything dangling down from me was a spoon of peanut butter.

Then, today, Em asked him to come up the deck stairs and he did it. He came in the house and looked around (really seeming to see) and sniffed like crazy. We left to go to the dentist, and when I got back, he'd tipped over the trash can in the kitchen and made a disgusting mess. He knew he was in trouble, too, but I could only get so angry since this was basically normal behavior.

No, he doesn't always get in the trash, but he sometimes fails to resist.

This evening, he seemed to not be able to get up the deck stairs again, but then Em noticed he was on the deck looking in, and we let him in and loved him up. Took these pics, too.

I've made a vet appointment to see what someone with training makes of his condition, but that's not until Tuesday evening. But he seems to be back, and I'm glad. Not so glad I won't kick his ass next time he does that thing with the trash.

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