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Monday, November 09, 2009

Almost Wet

Recovery ride was short. Early on, we got sprinkled on, and it actually rained enough to wet the pavement for awhile. I think that spooked Julia into cutting what was already an awfully short route even shorter. Though after the shortcut, things dried up nicely and I would have been up for a second lap when we got back.

Still, all the riding I've gotten in this month (this ride breaks 100 miles for November, and we're not even half way through the month. That's about twice as many miles as I logged in June. So I can't complain.

Had some headline failures, too. Our fearless leader had issues with hers, and Maddie's must need a battery charge. Makes me think I'll pick up another cheapie Bell headlight at Wal-Mart just to have some redundancy. It might not show the road, but it might at least show me to cars.

That and I think I'm going to U.S. Toy and look for cheap winkie blinks to make a necklace or belt out of.

Tonight, 8.2 miles, 11.5 mph average, 30.5 max.

On final approach, we passed some cops busting someone. I called out, 'Criminal up! Criminal!' Flashback to almost 20 years ago, when I saw a guy get pulled over on Quindaro and some characters with little prospect beyond prison or an early grave were standing on the corner shouting, 'Criminal! Criminal! Bust 'em, he done it!'

Was never clear if they knew the driver or where just harassing the cops.

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