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Thursday, November 26, 2009

An Oasis I'd Skip

I was reading in USA Today a few days back about the Oasis of the Seas, the new mega-cruise ship Royal Caribbean has built. I wouldn't have thought much more about it, but I have a friend who just took a cruise with her daughter, and I have to admit it looks like fun.

It also seems like the closest thing to pure consumption you can get. You're at a resort, wholly devoted to your amusement, and the thing has to have its own oil well to supply the engines that move the resort around.

Anyway, my friend's cruise wasn't on Oasis of the Seas, but she could see it from her boat. I think you can see it from space, actually, it's got seven 'neighborhoods' and can sale with something like six thousand people. Why even bother floating it? It's a man made island.

I understand the name was from a competition, but I'd nominate 'The Irish Rover' as a more suitable name. It's like the boat from that song.

Anyway, the consumption of fossil fuels and the ridiculousness of a boat with a 'Central Park' on board isn't why I'd be reluctant to cruise on this particular boat. I look at this and think, 9/11. It's like a floating World Trade Center: it's purely Western, it's decadent and boastful, and it's the most of something. Do you really want to take a vacation on a boat that screams 'Sink Me!' to Al Queda?

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