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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Pizza's Back

I haven't made a hand tossed pizza in far too long. It was too hot to run the oven up to 550ºF for awhile, and by the time it wasn't, I'd gotten out of the habit and kept thinking, 'gotta make pizza again sometime.'

Sometime was tonight.

Made a Prosciutto, Black Olive, Alfredo for Em, her favorite. I tore the dough, tossing it, The trick is when you're turning the dough ball to get it to stick together at the belly button, otherwise the center is super thin before you get the outsides stretched at all. It ended up being shaped like a letter C.

I had a bit better luck with the Pepperoni, Black Olive, Alfredo I made for Mo, her favorite.

I love both pies. And I love making pizza, I can't believe I let months go by without doing it. I don't have enough flour in the house or I'd have a new batch of dough cold-rising in the fridge already.

This time's dough recipe (I kinda mix it up in terms of dough, but this is pretty close to a 'standard' pizza dough for me these days):
3 cups flour
2 tsp. salt
3 tbsp. wheat gluten
1 tbsp. bread machine yeast
1-3/4 cups water
Beat in Kitchen Aid about ten minutes, put it in an oiled or sprayed bag or Gladware container and let it rise in the fridge. Ideally, divide it and punch it down a day later, putting it back in similarly lubed up containers until ready to use (within the week). I didn't do this last part, I forgot about it Thursday night. The crust was still light and bubbly, with a firm, crisp crust on the bottom (which you'll only get cooking on a very hot pizza stone).

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