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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Arrabbiata Anchovy

Another day, another pizza, right? While I was whipping this up, I actually made some much drier dough along Alton Brown's lines. Meanwhile, disaster stuck.

I was trying to move the pizza onto the stone, but it caught and tore on the peel. I struggled to free it, and the pie was a bit misshapen as a result. The next couple batches of dough, though, are the opposite end of the spectrum, scary dry, kneaded by Kitchen-Aid power for fifteen minutes, should produce a big skinny membrane.

I made an anchovy, mozzarella and Arrabbiata sauce pie this time. The sauce is a red sauce, I might not have tried it but it was on sale and had a really honest ingredient list.

Garnished with a bit of alfalfa sprout...

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