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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whales @ Merriam Farmer's Market

What the hell? I waited for about a half hour in case anyone showed up for the ride I'd posted (nobody did), and the whole time, this racket was going on.

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R.D. said...

It's one of those DARPA terrorism sensors - google it.

Just kidding, it's their "new" roosting pigeon repellant and I say "new" because the "old" one would blast actual recordings of extremely pissed off eagles, hawks, owls and every other large bird of prey imaginable. When I first investigated it, I covered my face, fearing that my eyes would be torn out. Maybe it worked too well and scared away the humans.

Sorry, I missed the last couple of rides. I'm gradually changing my schedule around so that by the time RAGBRAI starts, I'll be "waking up" at 3am. My plan is to feel like I'm "sleeping in" when I wake up at 5am ^_^