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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

That Sense of Wonder...

All my plants (well, except the deceased ones and the clippings from Julie) have fruit set at this point. Barely, but Tigarella finally came to the party, sporting two little bulbs the size of dainty grape. I wondered when it was going to finally bear fruit: it's had blossoms, it seems like, for as long as any of the other plants.

I did some more tying this evening. Limony, Kellog's Breakfast and Beam's Yellow Pear have grown explosively, and I found something to bind on pretty much everything.

I had to look up online and make sure Gigant Pelina wasn't a green variety. It was one of the first to bear fruit, and the cluster has changed color somewhat (and picked up some scars—splitting perhaps?). I hope that means it's about to blush.

The first fruits to appear on Kellog's Breakfast are absolutely huge, but so far still green. I'm looking at these massive fruits and thinking, You're killing me. Ripen up.

My peppers are coming along, too. Spotted fruit on my Jalapeno and wondered: how do you tell when these suckers are ripe? They're green when they're ready, but they start out that way, too.

My Kung Pao peppers have gotten long and a little curly.

I wonder if I should transplant the zucchini starts. Probably so.

I also wonder what I'm going to do with a freakin' national forest worth of Thai basil. Be forewarned, I'm probably about two seconds away from a Thai stir-fry bender.

I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Below is a baby Opalka tomato, and I got this variety for only one reason: it's got a bizarre shape. That's how I picked a lot of my varieties: Ooh, I'd like to see that. And That's weird!

Not all my decisions were made that way: Paul Robeson, Black Krim and Cherokee Purple were ones I sampled from Todd and Julie's garden and just had to have my own supply of.

As I scoped out the fruit on Tom's Yellow Wonder, I thought, I Tom's Yellow Wonder how long until you guys are ripe.

And then I wondered why someone who compulsive logs every mile, average speed, etc., of his cycling hasn't set up a spreadsheet to track tomato production by plant. I might yet, though my Micro Toms would be a matter of memory, I think I got four or five edible tomatoes off them. But looking at my Beam's Yellow Pear, I remembered Todd saying he and Julie got 700 off their BYP last year.

I even wondered why I haven't sacrificed one of my old Aloha's to the staking game. I have a couple that are pretty threadbare, that have developed ventilation not included in the original tailoring. But I'm too sentimental about them, I love my Hawaiian shirts.

So the colors in my garden have derived from three non-Hawaiian shirts, a bed sheet and two pillowcases. I do love that I have purple, orange, striped and faux denim subjecting my little love apples to bondage.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...looking great! You can pick jalapenos whenever you want...they get a bit bigger, then turn red, but I prefer to pick them green, split in half, de-seed, and stuff with cream cheese or peanut butter...chill and serve!

That KB fruit will blow your mind once it ripens!

Get those squash plants in the ground ASAP...just be VERY careful not to disturb the roots. Let them dry out a bit so the soil holds together and gently drop in the planting hole.

As for the Thai freezes well. Several methods for preserving it online.