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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gigant Pelina at First Blush

I harvested this Gigant Pelina this morning. I think he grew up in a crack house, but I suspect once he finishes ripening, a little work wit a paring knife will fix that.

And when I got home this evening, the Paul Robeson I picked the other day (no doubt to its identity once it got ripe), I was pleased to find that not only did whatever burrowing thing got to it not ruin the whole fruit, around two thirds of the fruit was unblemished and entirely, fantastically edible.

I hope the ripening picks up pace soon; two thirds of a Paul Robeson arouses my tomato eating appetite without bedding it back down.


Anonymous said...

That cracking is caused by the heavy rains we've had...most fruit can heal up like that one.

I've got a BAD case of BER this year on my romas and several other types...nothing more disappointing than grabbing a ripe fruit only to see that nasty black end and having to chuck it in the compost pile.

Speaking of picking...tomatoes should be picked by hand..not clippers. Leaving a piece of the stem on it may look pretty, but it will puncture other fruit in a basket (that is when you start picking a bunch of them at one time). Peppers and eggplant are best picked with clippers of some sort though.

Thanks for the chutney recipe...I'll give it a try soon!

Chixulub said...

Was that blossom end rot on the Paul Robeson? I thought so for a minute, but then the pics I found online for it didn't match.

Two thirds of the fruit was still edible, and I guess my compost pile needed the rest anyway.