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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How My Garden Does Grow

I'm realizing I didn't give these zucchini enough space, there's three of them in the space that perhaps two of them belong in, and all far closer to the experimental tomato cuttings than seems right. Too late to transplant, if they really get to interfering with one another I'll have to kill a plant or two.

Something I hadn't anticipated about growing so many varieties: keeping them straight is a trick. And it matters because some (Paul Robeson for instance) I may want to plant in multiples next year, and others (Mortgage Lifter based on the one ripe one I've had so far) I might not care to grow again. I haven't totally written off Mortgage Lifter, I wonder if it wasn't as ripe as I thought, it was a pinkish color and I wonder if it would have reddened up a bit and changed flavor a bit.

I got another half dozen jalapenos or so, so I made salsa with some of the accumulating ripe Paul Robeson, Stupice, Gigant Pelina, Beam's Yellow Pear and Isis Candy.

And I had to try making some faces, though I didn't take the time I might have (I was in the process of cooking dinner for Em and myself). And in any case, I lack the pro photography equipment and the pro knowledge that makes Todd and Julie's tomato photos so amazing.

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