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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brewery Ride

I rode the Brewery this evening. I took off 20 minutes early, hoped I could make it to College Blvd. before the first wave of animals caught me.

I almost did it, too. They were breathing down my neck coming to Town Center, and I made the light and they didn't. It's all downhill there, and I was hauling ass across Roe when I dropped my chain.

My own fault, I'd earlier been marveling that it hadn't happened for a couple of rides, meaning I'd ridden over a hundred miles without it happening. I was crediting my possibly over-lubricating the chain and gears (when they spit black shit on your spokes and rims, you have to think maybe that was too much), but I think what it was, I wasn't expecting things to work as they ought to.

So I was still yanking on the sucker, trying to get it out from between my smallest rear gear and the frame when the peloton flew right by.

I still finished with Matt and Sarah, so all was not lost.

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