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Friday, July 30, 2010

Catch of the Day (Diablo Sauce)

Catch of the day included a Black Krim, a big Tom's Yellow Wonder, Kellogg's Breakfast, Mortgage Lifter, a Carbon, a couple Gigant Pelina and several Paul Robesons. Oh, and a Tigarella.

Not sure how concerned to be, but I had to do a lot of septoria pruning on the Yellow Pear and Mortgage Lifter. Beyond the lower branches: there's still lots of foliage there, but it's the first I've had these diseasey looking things show up at chest level, has me a little worried.

Add to that numerous Isis Candy and Beam's Yellow Pear, three Kung Pao peppers, and I was starting to wonder what to do with all the ripening fruit on the counter.

So I made a Diablo sauce, sort of improvised it. Got some onions browning in olive oil, chopped a couple of those Kung Paos and thrashed them in the mortar & pestle with a healthy dose of garlic. Then a bunch of Paul Robeson, some Gigant Pelina and a Black Krim when for a ride in the blender and then to reduce with the addition of some salt, pepper, sugar and dried fenugreek.

I added fresh basil, also from my garden, later, when it was starting to reduce.

It took longer than I anticipated to reduce to where I wanted it, or I'd have added the basil later to preserve the aromatics.

Huge flavor, plenty of heat, a very respectable Diablo sauce. Little in the way of leftovers, as I get more into the crop, I may have to try making some bigger batches and canning them.

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