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Friday, July 09, 2010

Go Heat!

I'm not a big follower of basketball, though I'll be curious to see what the Miami Heat can do with all this firepower they're getting.

I can totally respect LeBron James' decision to go play with guys he likes, who are great players themselves, in a situation where he could potentially fill a jewelry box with championship rings, and as icing on the cake pay no state income taxes.

Instead of throwing a tantrum, the ownership of the Cavaliers should have found a way to attract Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade to Cleveland if they wanted to keep the King. That, I know, would be hard, because while I have no desire to live in Miami, if the alternative is Cleveland, I'm taking my talent to South Beach.

But there's a bigger justification here. LeBron James is too good a basketball player to work for a guy who uses Comic Sans. That font (which was developed by Satan when he was working for Microsoft) is the typographical equivalent of the Deepwater Horizon spill.

My hatred for Comic Sans runs so deep, that just because of that stupid letter being posted in it (okay, and a little bit because the letter is so childish I wonder if Dan Gilbert was drunk as well as angry when he wrote it), I'm officially declaring myself a Miami Heat fan. I'm taking up basketball as a sport in which I have a rooting interest, and I hope the Heat run the table next year (I know, that's impossible, or is it? Might they be the equivalent of the 1972 Dolphins?) and I hope LeBron wins more championships than Michael Jordan.

Now that I'm a fan, the only thing to wish for is that the Heat would move to Kansas City. People say this isn't a basketball town, but everyone likes to root for a winner. 'Kansas City Heat' isn't as silly sounding as LA Lakers (what lakes?) or Utah Jazz.

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