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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kellogg's Breakfast BLT

Portrait of the Lobster circa 1991: I go to a bar (I'm barely old enough to be there) called Pretzl's that had BLTs based on the quarter pound being 'first base.' I routinely order the 'Home Run' made with a full pound of bacon, two small slices of toast and some mainly ornamental tomato and lettuce. The tomato is ice cold and straight out of the fridge. And possibly made of plastic. Probably I don't even eat the tomato on those sandwiches, just sit and eat bacon and drink beer.

Portrait of the Lobster circa 2010: No, Em, that's not a pumpkin. That's a tomato. This is the smaller of the two Kellogg's Breakfast variety I've picked so far; its big brother is still ripening on the counter. This little guy only weighed 17 oz.

The bigger KB, the one I kept checking on first thing when I'd go out to the garden every day, weighs a whopping 28 oz. If i start getting more than one of these guys ripening up in a day, I'm going to have to make some sauce or start giving away a few maters.

For now, though, my own eager consumption is more than keeping up with the supply.

This evening, I made BLTs, the first ones I've made in years. Since whenever my last half-assed effort at growing tomatoes was, probably.

Maybe it's partly because it's been so long since I had a BLT or maybe it's that I've worked so hard and waited so long nurturing these plants along. And maybe it's the discovery that bacon isn't the whole show when it comes to BLTs. In any case, these were easily the best BLTs I've ever eaten. Ever.

I also found a jalapeño and a lilac pepper today. I had a bumper crop of jalapeños at first, a half dozen all at once, and then the plant's been kind of taking its time, I saw another baby on there.

I took Worley's advice about stuffing the jalapeño with cream cheese and decided that was a pretty good plan for the lilac pepper, too, since I didn't really have a salad or something like that to throw it in.

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