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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday (Only 20 Miles)

I was stoked to do more than the 20 miles, but then I didn't get out of work early (darn the luck, a few people bucking the recession I guess).

Kidding, there: I dream of missing entire rides because I have to to meet customer demands. It wasn't a laughable idea a couple years back.

Anyway, I thought I might want to tack on a few miles after the south loop like I did a couple weeks back.

Roj kept dropping his chain and I waited for him. The others waited for me. I think he figured out the cause (and a solution) by the end of the ride. The goofball is getting ready for RAGBRAI in a few short weeks, and yes he is doing it on a BMX. With gears, shifters, aero-discs and so on, but still. When he has this thing working right, he's faster than me with my 21 speeds and whatnot.

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