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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pizza Margherita

I made pizza tonight, half pepperoni & half black olive for the honyocks and Margherita for me.

I tried to get the girls to try the Margherita, but they thought I was trying to poison them. Alas, I have to eat it all myself.

The crust tore, I've been better at getting them stretched out super thin, round and with a uniform lip around the edge, but there are still peaks and valleys in my hand tossing performance.

I had to buy tomatoes (from Voigt's, the local greenhouse guy), none of mine are ripe. But I'm lousy with fresh basil. Four varieties, and the plants just keep expanding into bushier madness all the time. I used the Sweet Italian for this, naturally.

Just brushed some crushed garlic and olive oil on the dough, sprinkled it lightly with mozzarella, then a layer of think tomato slices, a bit more cheese, and then rather a lot of basil mere seconds after it had been harvested. A little crushed black pepper, four minutes on a 550ºF stone and dinner is served. As perfectly delicious as it is simple.

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