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Monday, July 05, 2010

Rained Out

I'm glad we got to Edgerton for the early fireworks on the third, because on the way to the fireworks in Gardner on the fourth...

I knew it was raining, I was only going to see if they posted a sign about a reschedule or something. The cops were directing traffic out of the high school so I couldn't get in there to see. I got us some ice cream at Price Chopper (consolation prize, I guess), and the cashier told me she heard they'd gone ahead and done it early. Which doesn't make any sense to me: light off a bunch of night fireworks in the daylight in front of an audience that wouldn't be there yet?

I don't know if her information was good or not, but it looks to me like the next likely reschedule date might be a week or more off if they don't do it in the rain.

But we had the ice cream (Ben & Jerry's, I had Karmel Sutra, Em had Half Baked, Mo bucked the trend, wanted an ice cream sandwich). And we had pork steaks with snow peas and spring mix for supper.

For the pork steaks, I wanted to get some smoke on the meat but not really a slow cook effect. So after the coals were ready, I put dry mesquite chips on and waited for them to get going good. Then put the steaks on, and cover the grill; after five minutes, turn the steaks and leave the lid off until the chips flame up good again, then cover and finish (about five minutes for the second side).

Nice and juicy with a good sear on the outside, infused with mesquite smoke flavor. Pretty awesome.

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