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Friday, July 23, 2010

River Market Ride (This Sunday)

I'm riding from my house to the River Market and back on Sunday. Wanna come?

It's 74 miles, relatively easy because it's mostly flat, but still, that's some miles (and getting in and out of downtown does involve a bit of climbing). If you want to join me for part of it, email me with where on this map you see you'd like to start from and I'll try and figure out about what time I should be arriving there. If you feel like a 40-ish miler, you could meet me at the Starbucks at 119th & Renner, which I'll be passing on Kansas City Road. I rode the route starting there last fall and enjoyed it so much that I've been planning to figure out complete passage from my front door to the River Market ever since.

If you're game for more like 20 miles, we could meet at the Merriam Farmer's Market on Merriam Lane.

My best guess is if I get rolling by 9:00 a.m., I'd get to 119th between 10:00 and 10:15. Call it 11:15 to 11:30 for the Merriam Farmer's Market. Email me and we can exchange cell numbers to coordinate because obviously things go wrong, and I'll need to know if I'm looking for someone (or waiting for someone).

The forecast as I write this is for it to be sunny by 9:00am (with rain overnight Saturday); the chance of rain comes up from 10% to more like 30% in mid-afternoon so it's not impossible we'd get wet coming home. But not entirely likely either, and if it's in the 80s, sometimes a little rain shower can be refreshing: supplemental sweat.

Lots of great places to grab a bite down there between the River Market and Columbus Park, and if I can figure out a way to carry anything home, there's the produce at the Farmer's Market (though my own farm is producing quite a bit just now). How long I'd hang out down there probably depends on how the weather is shaping up. If it looks like there's a good chance of truly unpleasant riding weather coming in, I'll probably just grab a sandwich and head back. Or if it really looks like a good idea to cut it short, I'll turn around at an earlier point (such as the Merriam Farmer's Market).

I'll probably only average 12-14mph, so you don't need to be an animal or anything like that.

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