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Sunday, February 01, 2009

What It Was Was Football

I'll go out on a limb and assume that if you care who won the Super Bowl, or even who was in the Super Bowl, you already know about it. I watched a pretty good chunk of it, including the amazing interception run back for a touch down and all of the fourth quarter. Great game. Fabulous.

I didn't have a rooting interest, except that the Steelers are the AFC team, and my team is too. And I hate it when teams move, and the Cardinals have done it twice, the Steelers haven't. That's not an overriding deal, I'd root for the Cards against, say, Dallas or Oakland, but not the Steelers.

I like Kurt Warner and wouldn't mind seeing him get in the Hall of Fame, and winning with two teams would probably make that happen. But with the Steelers having such a low coefficient of evil, it wasn't until it looked like the Cardinals had wiped out the biggest deficit ever overcome in a Super Bowl that I started thinking it'd be cool if they won it.

But it was even cooler when they basically did that and the Steelers were able to take it back yet again. After that safety and all that, wow. The Cardinals may not be as evil as the Cheatriots, but take that you Mayflower franchise.

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