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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Credit Where It's Due

I try to be fair. You know I have almost no use for W., but I'll give him props for his Supreme Court picks, as an example. Or a modest cut in taxes that should be abolished.

I still think he was one of the most un-fit leaders I've ever seen, but he had his moments. Like the Polish Interceptor deal as a way of brushing Putkin back from the plate: and Russia's dubious leaders are going to crowd the strike zone every chance they get.

Obama's plans are at least as dubious as Russia's leaders, but he does have some leadership qualities I admire.

Now get it straight: Tom Daschle is totally unqualified by virtue of bad ideas and worse ethics to hold any public office. It's a shame he was ever a Senator, and it's ridiculous to think of giving him a Cabinet position.

But if he'd paid his taxes, he would be confirmed as would Killefer. They might be craptastic choices on merit, but merit doesn't enter into the picture with these sorts of patronage positions.

Wait, I know you think I'm trashing Obama, and I'm not. This is all about giving him kudos.

There is a fundamental difference between saying 'I screwed up' and 'mistakes were made.' Yes, Obama appointed two secretaries who had to bow out for crap that should have been caught in the pre-appointment vetting process. And bad cabinet appointments might suck but they don't suck nearly as hard as invading a country under false pretenses or based on faulty intelligence (take your pick).

In any case, terrible 'stimulus' package,* bad tax ideas, etc., aside, it's good to have a leader who will say, straight up, that he screwed the pooch.

*Dude, all the money for this package is money the government has to borrow by issuing Treasuries. Which means every dollar spent is a dollar stolen from the private sector where it might do some good.

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