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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Birthday Expedition

Mo wanted to hit Kaleidoscope for her birthday. We brought Em's BFFs along, too, but Mo dictated the terms of the odyssey.

Kaleidoscope has to be about the coolest free thing you can take a kid to in the United States. It's so cool, you'd think it would be expensive.

And I'm sure it is relatively expensive for Hallmark to operate, though it's great PR and they do get $3 for ten cents worth of paper, printing and die cutting with a half-ass bit of poetry, so I guess that balances out.

After it, I offered Mo the option of the Nelson, the Kemper, or hanging out at Crown Center, and she chose the Kemper.

Big time. I never know with her if it's echolalia or a real answer. A lot of times whatever the last thing you say is repeated. But I switched the order of stuff around and tried to trip her up and she wanted to go to the Kemper.

Cool with me. Em always objects that it's too small, as if the Kemper Museum was in a trailer and all five of us couldn't enter it at one time.

Between the two we saw BB King's tour bus. One of them, anyway. It parked behind an identical Prevost at the Marriott by the Kemper Museum. I gather BB was playing the Midland this evening. I'll bet it was a great show, too.

Then, with everybody claiming to be hungry to the point of pain (and Mo whining through half of the Kemper despite it being her choice), we stopped at QT for dawgs and sodas. As eating out goes, it's pretty cheap, and believe it or not, their hot dogs are pretty good for lips-and-assholes fare.

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