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Friday, February 06, 2009

Kadhi Pakora & Avial

These were a couple of heat & eat instant meals I found at Ambica. I decided it would be a good way to sample, two bucks a pop, and then I could research recipes.

Avial turns out to be a cumin-oriented veggie hash of sorts. I'm not looking up a recipe for this one. It's edible, but not thrilling.

The other, Kadhi Pakora, which is some sort of graham flour dumpling in a curry-ish sauce, was pretty good. I don't know if I want to make it from scratch, get a big batch of it, though. Next time I'm there for curry leaves and such, I'll try a couple more. There were only about 300 choices, stuff from every region of India.

Which, if Belgium is the Disney Land of interesting beers, India seems to be the Disney World of culinary variety. I'm glad we have a large immigrant community here, because there are quite a few really well-stocked Indian markets I've found, and it ain't foodies like me keeping them in business. The evening I stopped at Ambica, I was the only caucasian in the joint.

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