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Monday, August 24, 2009

Recovery Ride

I'm so tickled at my progress, though BikeMS is only 33 days off, and that's downright terrifying. Sponsor me, dude! I'm trainin' my ass off to ride 170 miles in two days, pony up some dough! I'm still short of the minimum even though I'm my own biggest pledge.

Hearing a woman who's a serious rider say she's sure I've slimmed down (even though I know for a provable fact I've lost zero weight), that's an ego boost I can use. And being able to catch up to the lead pack when I missed a stoplight, that feels alright, too. I'm still a slow fat guy, but I'm not as slow, and maybe some of that fat has turned muscular on me.

We rode a Tour de Shawnee (slightly modified) route.

At one point, Julie (who brought her beaux Todd along at last) said, 'You didn't say this was a hill ride!' But she was doing fine, what with having air in her tires and all. Plfumn can be a bitch, but at least it's not Lackman... I was grateful we didn't try to attack Lackman, and also grateful that my self-inflicted hill rides have already put me on Pflumn a few times. Didn't know about that delicious downhill on Maurer to Midland, though.

But really, 'recovery' ride or not, my thighs are Human Jerky at this point. Having my kids two nights during the week, I might actually get to recover before my next ride.`

There was even a recumbent guy on this ride. He said his bike sucked on hills, but then he passed me going up a couple of them.

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