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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amy LaVere

Went to Knuckleheads last night and heard Amy LaVere.

Hadn't realized it was an open air venue, and I don't think Amy quite realized what that meant until a passing train blew its horn as she was finishing a song and obviously startled her. See also the departing motorcycles that periodically drowned everything out.

Great show, though. She's adorable, could be Liv Tyler's kid sister and has a breathy, sexy voice that makes you picture her on the nose of a bomber. I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her with me, but I decided my ego couldn't take another rejected marriage proposal by a smokin' hot singing bassist...

Also hadn't realized I could wish I had a jacket in freakin' August. I love cool weather, don't get me wrong, but I was literally shivering by the end of the show. I shouldn't complain, what I'm saving on air conditioning probably came close to paying for my ticket.

I think I'd like to see Todd Snider at Knuckleheads if he ever came through, I could tell him to play a Train Song when those passing diesels start honking.

I also think I've got to learn some Nashville Blues. Amy's guitarist was very much in that country blues milieu, and I didn't think I liked that before I heard him do it. Now I wanna play like that (at least sometimes).

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